Resident Presentations at COS Quarterly Meetings

Beginning in 2009, COS initiated a series of case presentations & discussions featuring residents from the various training programs in Chicago.  This addition to the program has resulted in an interesting educational element for the evening and has been well-received by the membership.  Each year, the program chair will set a schedule of cases to be presented by residents from two of the Chicago area training programs.  Residents should review the criteria for presentations below.


View the schedule for this year's presentations -- CLICK HERE

Criteria for resident presentations at the monthly COS meetings

Please be sure to review the information below concerning the format for resident case presentations!  Note that this portion of the program is intended to primarily be for discussion of interesting cases and is not intended to be a "mini-lecture" given by a resident.

Time:  Presentations by the resident should be no longer than 5 minutes. The patient or case should be presented with all relevant information. Do not go into a detailed explanation about the diagnosis or management. The expert panel and membership will have a 5-10 minute question & answer period when the diagnosis and management will be discussed further.  The presenting resident may have one or two slides (max) to report the final outcome of the case after the discussion period.

Expert Panel:  The panel consists of the invited speaker and a fellowship trained specialist in the area of interest from the training programs assigned to present that evening, as well as the general membership who also will participate in the discussion.

Content:  All presentations must be in PowerPoint format. It is suggested that an attending physician review the presentation and practice with the resident to assure the time is kept to 5 minutes and that the content is correct. 

Set-Up:  The resident can either email the presentation to Rich Paul before noon on the day of the presentation or arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to upload the presentation. It is the resident's responsibility to assure that his/her presentation is in a format compatible with the available equipment.

Questions?  Contact the COS office at 847-680-1666 or by email:  [email protected]