COS Lectures 

The Chicago Ophthalmological Society sponsored a number of named lectures which have become an important tradition of the organization.  Some of the most prominent ophthalmologists in the country have delivered these lectures over the years.  These include the Krill Lecture given at one of the monthly conferences in the fall, the Gifford Lecture and the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness Lecture, both delivered during the annual meeting, and the Beem-Fisher award given to the best resident paper each year (awarded at the May meeting).

We are very proud of the heritage these lectures represent for the Society and the Chicago ophthalmic community.

The Alex E. Krill Memorial Lecture

Alex E. Krill, Secretary of the Society, was killed while returning from speaking at the National Institute of Health December 8, 1972. The Society established an annual lecture in his memory. These have taken place during October or November since, 1973, with the exception of 1976, when no lecture was scheduled.
Read a biography of Dr. Alex Krill written by his nephew, ophthalmologist Gerald Fishman, MD.
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A video commemorating the life and career of Dr. Alex Krill was debuted at the 2009 COS Krill Lecture.


Sanford R. Gifford Memorial Lecture

When Dr. Sanford R. Gifford died in 1944, a sum of money was collected from friends and admirers throughout the world to endow the Sanford R. Gifford Memorial Lecture, given annually under the auspices of the Society since 1945.  Currently, the Gifford Lecture is funded by the COS and is delivered at the annual educational conference.

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View a video about Dr. Gifford and the lecture which bears his name.

ISPB Lecture

The Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness (ISPB) was founded in 1916 to prevent the needless tragedy of blindness. Dedicated to the care, protection and preservation of sight, ISPB programs stress education, information, research, safety and awareness.

In 1988, with the approval of the COS Council, the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness established this distinguished lectureship to be presented during the COS Annual Clinical Conference in May. Selection of the speaker is made in consultation with the President of the COS, the annual conference program chairman and ISPB. Particular attention is given to new ophthalmologists studying in the field of prevention.

COS is proud that the ISPB lecture continues to be an important part of the annual educational conference.

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